Watermaster Pump 8l 12v 2 Bar FW0814

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Watermaster Pump 8l 12v 2 Bar.

NEW Whale Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pump

Electric pump range for smooth constant water supply


NEW Whale Watermaster Automatic Pressure Pump.

For more than a decade we have refined our pressure pump designs to ensure long term reliability and efficient performance. The Whale Watermaster gives smooth consistent flow at a variety of outlets.



High flow rates at a variety of outlets 

Smooth Constant Flow

Self Priming Up To 3m (10ft)


PERFORMANCE  Quiet Operation Automatic Operation - Plug ‘n’ Play Easy Installation - Suitable For 15mm Quick Connect Plumbing or ½” threaded hose connections Suitable For Use With Salt or Fresh Water


PLUS  PROTECTION Fully Sealed Protective Motor Housing Completely Integrated Electronics IP65 Rated - No Water Ingress Runs Dry Without Damage Includes strainer to protect pump from debris

No. of Outlets: 1-2

Pump Type: Pressure pump

Voltage: 12V

Pressure Setting: up to 2 bar


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