Spinlock PXR 0810/SW Cam Cleat

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Spinlock Rope Clutches

Spinlock PXR Cam Cleats

The Easiest Cleat to Release.  Compact roller action cam cleat for easy release of high performance controls and mainsheets


  • Development of successful PX model

  • Three stage adjustable release spring

  • Alloy cam and base surfaces as standard

  • Ultra compact low profile design

  • Stainless steel rope guides provide wide operating arc

  • T-Series for retrofit in hole centres of traditional (Harken) cam cleats

  • SW-Series swivel mounted PXR

  • VP-Series mast mounted PXR


Model Line Diameter SWL Break
PXR0206 2-6mm (3/32-1/4”) 140kg (308lbs) 280kg (616lbs)
PXR0206/SW 2-6mm (3/32-1/4”) 140kg (308lbs) 280kg (616lbs)
PXR0206/VP 2-6mm (3/32-1/4”) 140kg (308lbs) 280kg (616lbs)
PXR0206/T 2-6mm (3/32-1/4”) 140kg (308lbs) 280kg (616lbs)
PXR0810 8-10mm (5/16-3/8”) 200kg (440lbs) 400kg (880lbs)
PXR0810/SW 8-10mm (5/16-3/8”) 200kg (440lbs) 400kg (880lbs)
PXR0810/T 8-10mm (5/16-3/8”) 200kg (440lbs) 400kg (880lbs)