Skywatch Xplorer 1 Anemometer

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A pocket-sized, rugged, go-anywhere anemometer, ideal for all wind sport enthusiasts, sailors, pilots and walkers . Keep it simple with a wind speed only display which is clear and easy to read on the move.

Instant windspeed measurement with 'max' speed reached displayed Units: km/h- mph- m/s- fps and knots

Resolution : 0.1 unit Measuring cycle

2 measurements per second Accuracy

+/- 3 % Measuring range

from 0 to 150 km/h

Auto-off after 1 minute Replaceable lithium battery Weatherproof Backlight

Top features include:

Wind speed measurement in km/h, mph, m/s, fps and knots,

Maximum wind speed display,

Waterproof, Backlight