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Ritchie SportAbout™ X-11Y, 2'' Dial (Portable)

Part No: 6-80230

  • Easy to read 2" direct-reading dial
  • Hardened steel pivot and sapphire jewel movement
  • Built-in roller diaphragm for extended temperature operating range
  • International safety yellow case
  • Silicon impact resistant case with neck lanyard
  • Compact size for easy handling and storage
  • Quicksight v-notch and lubber line for easy heading alignment
  • Non-electric chem sticks provide 18 hours of night lighting
  • 5 Year warranty

Accessories available

SportAbout X-11Y Holder

Part No: 6-80235

White holder, can be deck mounted to make your SportAbout a Steering Compass on small boats. For convenient storage, mount the holder on a bulkhead.

Tie-Down Holder X-TD

Part No: 6-80239

  • Designed for mounting the Ritchie SportAbout X-11Y
  • No drilling, no holes in deck
  • Flexible pad and foam ring easily conforms to deck shape
  • Won't scratch finishes
  • Attaches with bungee cord and clips (included)