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Renovo Ultra Proofer This product will re-establish the original 'as new' waterproof weather barrier of your boat covers, spray hoods and bimini tops & car hoods and help to keep them looking good for longer! The water-based formulation is easily brushed on and in addition to waterproofing, it provides a barrier against penetration of everyday dirt into the fibres of new and old boat cover material, and now incorporates UV protection and a mould/mildew growth inhibitor. It helps to keep your covers looking new for longer. One litre covers about six square metres. 
1litre bottle.

Soft Top Ultra Proofer


  • Ensure that the soft top is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Ensure that you have sufficient Ultra Proofer to complete a full coat.
  • Keep a soft damp cloth ready to wipe off any splashes or dribbles on paintwork and glass.
  • Work in a timely fashion to ensure that the edges of the freshly applied Ultra Proofer do not dry out too quickly.
  • Work from the centre outwards round and round the vehicle.
  • Apply to a dry top and allow Ultra Proofer to dry completely before applying further product or taking out in the rain.
  • Use every 6-12 months.


  • Use on vinyl soft tops.
  • Forget to stir the Ultra Proofer prior to use.
  • Dilute or mix the Ultra Proofer with any other product.
  • Apply the Ultra Proofer in direct sunlight or on a hot day that will cause the Ultra Proofer to dry too quickly.
  • Allow to dry on glass and paintwork.
  • Apply to vinyl soft tops or cars with modified paintwork.
  • Apply water proofing agent prior to using Reviver unless the proofer is completely removed first.