Multi-purpose V-Pump - The Water Pump Powered by Water

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The V-pump exploits the extraordinary Venturi effect to help you empty water from your pond, pool, bilges, or dinghy, using only pumped water as its power source - no batteries, no mains power, no moving parts. As water from your garden or boatyard hose (or pressure washer, for greater effect) travels into the pump and through the immersed nozzle, it is forced to speed up, which creates a vacuum - drawing in water that surrounds the nozzle.

In fact, it sucks around four times as much water in as is fed into the pump. With a typical garden hose, you can expect to pump around 4,500L (1,200 gal) per hour - enough to empty a standard pond or hot tub in less than 30mins.

Supplied with standard UK 'Hozelock-compatible' connectors. 12" tall (approx.).

Our V-Pump with the 4-section outlet pipe (each 17" long) extends to 15ft in total.
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