International Woodskin Oil/ Varnish 750ml

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Woodskin Varnish, acts like it's name; once you have applied a layer of the deeply penetrating oil/varnish hybrid onto your wood, it creates a strong, flexible surface film, which won't crack or flake; acting like a skin for your wood. It even allows your wood to breathe, by its unique micropourous properties, which allow the paint to expand and contract with the wood. It even repels water, preventing the formation of mould and mildew. Woodskin Varnish is so easy to apply, you dont even have to thin it or sand the wood down before applying. It doesn't even need high maintenance routine upkeep like other varnishes, you just clean it, and reapply it on top of the existing coat, year after year, season after season. It doesn't clot or spread thickly and is suitable for all types of wood, including oily woods such as teak and iroko. It brings out the natural beauty in any wood and dries to a subtle, translucent sheen with a natural teak colour.