Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Cure Sealant 60ml - CARAVAN / MOTORHOME / BOAT

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Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure

A unique multi-purpose liquid sealant, comes in a handy 60ml tube for easy of use!

  • Finds and Fixes Leaks
  • Seals Hairline Cracks
  • No Dismantling Required
  • Saves Time and Effort

Captain Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure is a penetrating water-based sealant is formulated to be so thin that by using capillary action it can find its way INSIDE fine cracks and set to a CLEAR flexible seal.


Leaks around windows, metal and rubber trim & fittings; rivets; gullies and skylights


Leaking windows, portlights, decks, coach-roofs, deck houses, cracked planks, centreboard casings and around all deck fitting