Barton size 3 stand up block/bkt/cam 03571

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  A strong lightweight range of blocks suitable for use on dinghies, dayboats and light cruising yachts. Ideal for mainsheets, vang tackles, lead blocks or whatever powerful and compact purchase tackle is required.
•A comprehensive range of camcleat, fiddle and fiddle & camcleat versions are available.
•Plain Bearing Block - Have a precision moulded Acetal Sheave running a large diameter brass centre bearing ensuring free running under the highest of loads.
•Stand Up - Features a flexible plastic spring for anti-tumble action. Base diameter: 58mm, fastenings diameter: 5mm.
•Camcleat Blocks - Fitted with Kevlar 'K' Cams. Cam arms are fully adjustable by moving the locking clevis pin to achieve the correct cleating angle. This range of blocks used in conjunction with relevant fiddles are particularly useful for use as mainsheet, vang tackles or powerful downhauls on dinghies, dayboats or light cruising yachts.

Specification Metric (Imperial) Sheave Size: Single - Fiddle 45 x 13 mm - 30 or 45 x 13 mm (1 3/4 x 1/2 - 1 3/16 or 1 3/4 x 1/2) Maximum Rope Diameter 10 mm 3/8 Breaking Load 770 kg 1697 lb Safe Working Load 385 kg 848 lb Length 136 mm - Weight 263 g -