Anchor Marine Standard Fenders 8 x 27 (3 x 10) Royal Blue A0061RB

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A comprehensive range of cylindrical fenders with a reinforced attachment eye at each end.  Suitable for vertical or horizontal use, they meet most pleasure craft and workboat requirements. Manufactured from the highest quality UV resistant PVC and class-leading wall thickness, Anchor Marine’s fenders will serve you for years to come.

These fenders are extremely durable and are able to protect the demands on your boat in the roughest conditions.

Anchor Marine’s standard fenders are moulded in one piece from a UV resistant specially formulated marine vinyl

The ropehold has an injection moulded hard eye insert designed to prolong the fenders life

Controlled heat during manufacturing produces an even wall thickness eliminating any possible weak spots

The ultra reliable football style inflation valve ensures our fenders will not accidentally deflate and allows simple pressure adjustments whilst still attached to your boat

Added to all this we also provide a wide range of sizes offering you the choice you want.

Features and tips:

Moulded in tough UV resistant PVC

Used either vertically or horizontally

Stainless steel needle valve adjustment for inflation/deflation in larger sizes

Suitable for pleasure craft and work boats

Ropehold is reinforced with a nylon thimble on larger sizes

Avaliable in white and a range of colours

Consistent wall thickness for maximum strength and long life